Conference Program



26 – 27 – 28
September 2018

Optional Pre-Conferences Training Seminar

Wednesday 26th September 2018

  • 14:00 Opening address
  • 14:10 UV-Absorbers : Fundamentals, State-of- the-Art and Trends
    Dr Roberto Todesco, Senior Technical Specialist Additives, RVT Consulting SA, Switzerland
  • 15:10 HALS : Fundamentals, State-of- the-Art and Trends
    Dr Roberto Todesco, Senior Technical Specialist Additives, RVT Consulting SA, Switzerland
  • 16:10 Coffee Break
  • 16:40 Accelerated Weathering Devices : Principles and Overview of Devices
    Dr Roberto Todesco, Senior Technical Specialist Additives, RVT Consulting SA, Switzerland
  • 17:40 End of Pre-Conferences Training Seminar
  • 18:00 Bandol Conferences® 2018 Welcome Cocktail Reception



Thursday 27th September 2018

  • 08:00 Registration and Welcome coffee
  • 08:45 Bandol Conferences® 2018 opening address
  • 08:55 KEYNOTE
    Standards about UV ageing of polymers in Renault Group: Inducers for evolution
    Mrs Nicoleta Radutoiu, Specialist photo and thermo-ageing of polymers, GROUPE RENAULT, Romania
    Mrs Nathalie Barrois, Expert Materials Testing, GROUPE RENAULT, France
  • 09:15 Innovative tailored solutions for the light stabilization of traditional and new agricultural films
    Mr Enrico Galfré, Technical Support & Application Development, Plastic Additives BU SABO S.p.A, Italy
  • 09:35 Photo-oxidative degradation vs appearance assessment for automotive applications
    Dr Sarah Van Mierloo, Lead Scientist, Polymer stabilization T&I,
    Petrochemicals Europe,SABIC STC-Geleen, The Netherlands
  • 09:55 Assesment of polymer durability by artificial accelerated photo-aging experiments
    Dr Steeve Collin, Research Manager, CNEP, France
  • 10:15 Forum
  • 10:35 Coffee Break
  • 11:15 Correlation between natural, artificial BANDOL WHEEL® and in-service weathering evaluations of the coatings and self-adhesives films used on SNCF rolling stocks
    Mr Olivier Delaporte, Animateur de la Commission PEINTURE PELLICULAGE SIGNALETIQUE (C2PS), Animateur de la Commission COLLAGE, Expert scientifique et technique du réseau SYNAPSES, SNCF, France
    Mrs Pauline Louvion, Chargée d’études peinture, Commission PEINTURE PELLICULAGE SIGNALETIQUE (C2PS), SNCF, France
  • 11:35 Artificial and Natural Weathering of White uPVC Profile Formulations – Comparison Between Arizona Climate and Laboratory Equipment
    Dr Jörg Frölich, Technical Product Manager, BAERLOCHER GmbH, Germany
    Mr Michael Sander, Application Manager, KRONOS International, Inc., Germany
  • 11:55 Comparison of weathering conditions of major global natural testing sites :
    impact on acceleration factors
    Mr Lionel Beraud, CEO SEVAR SARL, France
    Ms Flore Bouillet, Head of R&D SEVAR SARL, France
  • 12:15 KEYNOTE
    Climate change evidence and projection in the South of France
    Dr Frederic ATGER, Deputy Director, Météo-France, France
    Mr Olivier Roulle, Head Climate studies, Météo-France, France
  • 12:35 Forum
  • 12:55 Lunch break
  • 13:55 Combinations of Additives and Colors in Applications : Synthetic Turf and Athletic Track
    Mr Manuel Testa, R&D Manager, MONDO, Italy
  • 14:15 Pushing the edge of the durable color envelope
    Mr Yves Christiaens, Regional Sales Manager, SHEPHERD, Belgium
  • 14:35 Influence of metal pro-oxidants on the photo-degradation behavior of PE-films.
    Dr Elke Metzsch-Zilligen, Group Manager Additivation, Division Plastics, FRAUNHOFER
    Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF, Germany
  • 14:55 New generation light stabilizers for greenhouse films that respond to challenging market needs
    Mr Javier Fernandez, Technical Marketing Manager Agriculture CLARIANT PLASTICS & COATINGS AG, Switzerland
  • 15:15 Forum
  • 15:35 Coffee Break
  • 16:15 Beyond the set-point: Understanding the factors that impact specimen temperature in standard weathering chambers
    Mr Sean Fowler, Weathering & Corrosion Technical Director, Q-Lab Corporation, USA
  • 16:35 Katalite revolution: Use of photo-catalysis in greenhouse film applications
    Mr Ermanno Traietta, Technical Sales Manager, ULTRABATCH, Italy
  • 16:55 The use of advanced FTIR techniques to assess the fate of agrofilms during exposure
    Mrs Dr Marijke Slabbinck, CEO, ANSERS, Belgium
    Dr Roberto Todesco, Senior Technical Specialist Additives, RVT Consulting SA, Switzerland
  • 17:15 KEYNOTE
    Comparison of UV aging techniques for automotive exterior weatherseals in Santoprene™ TPV
    Mr Eric Jourdain, Senior Advisor – Global Polymer Technology, ExxonMobil Chemical, Belgium
    Mr Herman-Josef Holz, Market Developer, ExxonMobil Chemical, Germany
    Mr Leander, Kenens, Customer Development Engineer, ExxonMobil Chemical Europe, Belgium
  • 17:35 Forum
  • 17:55 End of first day
  • 19:00 Convivial Bandol Conferences® Dinner


Friday 28th September 2018

  • 08:00 Welcome coffee
  • 08:45 Opening address
  • 08:55 Correlation between artificial weathering and outdoor weathering – a critical review
    Mr Walter Rauth, Head of Weathering Lab, COVESTRO Deutschland AG Germany
  • 09:15 A comprehensive analytical view on aged polymers
    Dr Emanuelle Brendle, Project Manager Analytics, INTERTEK, Switzeland
  • 09:35 KEYNOTE
    Polymer Additives – functional chemicals with regulatory issues due to their intrinsic properties
    Dr Dieter Drohman, Geschäftsführer, CHEMSERVICE GmbH, Germany
  • 09:55 Forum
  • 10:15 Coffee Break
  • 10:55 New business development and innovation : hints to the best & most delivering ecosystem
    Mr Raphael Mestanza, President, COMPETANZA S.A.S., France
  • 11:15 Measurement of Weathering Parameters on Specimen location – Benefits and New Technologies
    Dipl.-Phys. Andreas Riedl, Director Global Consulting, Director of Marketing, Atlas Material
    Testing Technology GmbH, Germany
    Mr Matt McGreer, Product Manager, Atlas Material Testing Technology, LLC, USA
    Dr Oliver Rahäuser, Product Manager, Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH, Germany
  • 11:35 GPC-APCI- MS : a simple method to investigate polymer additives
    Dr Adrian Boborodea, Senior Analytical Scientist, CERTECH, Belgium
  • 11:55 Forum
  • 12:15 Lunch break
  • 13:15 End of Bandol Conferences® 2018