Bandol conferences 2022


21st to 23rd September, Bandol, France

Solutions for durable and ecological plastic materials

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The Bandol Conferences® aim to train and update professionals on the broad topic of polymer material durability and foster exchanges among representatives of the entire value chain. This is an independent initiative jointly supported by EUKEM S.A.S., RVT CONSULTING Ltd, and SEVAR SARL.




What should you expect from the 2022 Bandol Conferences®?

  • a seminar / training part, to review the fundamentals of UV-light stabilization – refresh your science!
  • interactive conference sessions on the latest developments – keep up-to-date! Learn and sharpen your opinion !

Who should take part to the event? Business Development Managers, Marketing Executives , R&D Specialists, Regulatory Experts, Industry Consultants, University and Institutes Students and Professors.

In which part of the Plastics value chain? Processors, Formulators, Masterbatch Producers, Plastic Converters, OEMs and industry specialists of the Plastic Processing Industry, Polymer Additive Producers, Testing Equipment Developers and Manufacturers




Why attend the Bandol Conferences®?

  • Increase your knowledge of polymer durability/additivation and testing, so that your company can make educated choices when purchasing or conducting innovation projects,
  • Raise your questions directly to the experts and share your opinion with the audience,
  • Increase the visibility of your company, products and services through the Bandol Conferences® sponsorship program,
  • Leverage and differentiate your understanding of the state of the art technologies and the current trends in this industry,
  • Network and exchange with the polymer industry key players,